Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Appointments Appointments!!!!!

Well, I feel kinda bad I haven't posted anything in such a long time. Things have been pretty calm around here for the last few months which has been such a welcome thing in our lives. We honestly went like 6 weeks with no doctor appointments and man it felt good!! But all good things must come to an end and now it seems like we are being ambushed with appointments again!!
Hmmmm where to start????? Here's something kinda funny.....Kaden got his teeth cleaned at the dentist the other day.....all four of them!! We were there for all the other kids and I had the dentist look at them cause they are so stained. I don't know why and I even brush them. I was kinda thinking maybe it was from all the medicine he has been on in his life. So to make a long story short they were cleaned and look much better!!
Now for the crappy stuff. Kaden has to get AFOs. These are braces for his legs. He will get casts on his legs next week to get fitted for them. His rehab doctor thinks it is time for them. We have noticed that Kaden points his toes and feet down all the time. Not all the time but alot of the time. Apparently this is the beginning of a contracture. If he does this alot his calf muscle will shorten causing his toes to stay like this. Soooo, the braces are a must. I kinda dread having another thing to have to explain to people but I know most mean well.
Kaden has gained alittle weight, so that's good. He weighs 17lbs 1 oz. Still pretty little for his age. Our rehab doctor really wants the OT therapists to be more aggressive with his therapy for eating. He still does not eat baby food well at all. He has a lot of oral motor problems but does seem to be getting alittle better. I am hoping he can master this with time and we can avoid the feeding tube which has been mentioned to us several times now. We have a prescription for pediasure which he now gets mixed with the baby formula. This gives him extra calories and I think has really helped with his weight gain.
Wednesday we go for a ultrasound of his scrotum. Yeah....apparently one of his testicles hasn't descend?? Go figure!!! I hate to say it but this is the least of my worries!!!
We also have to get labs drawn this week too. They keep a close eye on his liver function cause of all the meds he's on. Poor guy. He does usually do well getting blood drawn though.
Oh and I almost forgot that Monday we go down to Childrens hospital to see the opthamologists.
I don't think there is much they can do for him but the pediatrician wants him checked out again. We know he has cortical vision impairment. No one really knows how much he can see but Brandon and I do not think it is very much. This is so heart breaking for us. He also has what I have self diagnosed as a nystagmus. His eyes periodically look downward and shake. I'm not sure what if anything they will do for this. I will just have to wait and see.
On a happy note, we have bought property for us to build on in the future. It will be a while but it makes my heart happy to know that someday we will make a house that will be so perfect for Kaden and the rest of our family!!! Continue to keep our family in your prayers they are so appreciated!

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